Hello, my name is Glen Fletcher, I'm writing this blog to teach Game Design and Development techniques. We will be using C++ with the SFML framework, for the Game Engine, and Python with Numpy for building related tools.

What will be Covered

Design Patterns used in Games
There are a range of design patterns that are useful when designing games.
Physics and Mathematics of Games
To properly understand how games work you will need a basic understanding of the mathematics and physics behind them.
Generating Graphic Effects using Mathematics
Many special effects seen in games, can be generated computationally, using mathematical expressions.
Programming with SFML and OpenGL
SFML is a framework for handling the low-level requirements of 2D games, with the ability to integrate with OpenGL for 3D games.

We will also build several games over the course of this blog series by incrementally extending them as we cover related concepts. While doing this we will also build our own library of common code that you'll be able to reuse in future games you write.

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